This young ensemble of five from Liverpool draws on the flawless tonal qualities of the Ukulele. A completely unique sound and fresh arrangements of almost every genre and artists imaginable. From 'The Beach Boys' to 'Beyonce' there's something for everyone. The mixture of strong harmonies and strapping bass lines prove an aural and visual please not to be missed!

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Ukebox formed in 2012 essentially for a joke at an open mic night at an unnamed Liverpool University, which all five members happened to be attending. To the surprise of these five four-string champions, they proved an instant hit! They then spent the next six months honing their craft at open mic nights around Liverpool before exploding onto the local music scene with the force of an atom bomb, showering other performers with brightly-coloured, radioactive ukulele debris! This came together in 2013, when the lads won a local talent competition, The Keller Factor, and performed at Aintree for the famous 'Ladies Day' of the Grand National event, and then went on to play to the biggest crowd yet at the main stage for Liverpool Pride.

Since then, one of their bookings they secured was at Bestival 2014, while perfecting their craft to result in the polished performances you see today. Whether practising and arranging in their secret 'ukule-lairs' in Liverpool and Manchester, driving to shows in the legendary 'ukemobile' or winning over hoards of new followers at one of their explosive shows, watch this space, as the only way from here is up!


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Can perform 2 x 45 minute shows


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