A whistle-stop tour through music's finest accomplishments. A fabulous act which is fully costumed, packed with dance routines, script and audience participation

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Show one takes us back in time with the unmistakable roar of the WW2 sirens and tuning our Furguson Fiefly into the 1940’s, we recreate the iconic sounds and styles of the most famous singing stars of the War era. We then launch you into the bright, polka-dotted, petti-coated 1950’s where you will hear classic Rock ‘N’ Roll numbers and even a bit of Doris Day. Our next stop is the Swinging Sixties where we don our monochrome an d invite you to dance along with us in true Sixties style to the greatest hits of the decade. Concluding the first half, we propel you into the golden age of Motown with floor length sequin gowns and hits from the most influential songstresses of that time.
Our second show sends us, and our audience, spiralling into the scintillating sounds of the late 1960’s in vintage ‘Hippie’ fashion. Shooting forward a few years, we take you into the most significant songs of the 1970’s, including Abba, The Jackson 5 and of course paying tribute to the legendary David Bowie. Our next stop drops us smack bang in the middle of the electric 80’s where we indulge you with lashings of leather and lace and the most prominent music idols of this exciting era. We then take a moment to remember the achievements made in music through the 90’s decade…which doesn’t take too long! So then it is time to close our show with a selection of the biggest artists of the present day in epic Timeless style.
With full, fast costume changes between each decade we keep the energy high and the audience thoroughly entertained from Forties to Noughties.
This show is a true spectacle that is NOT TO BE MISSED!


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Please note that we also offer a 60’s - 40’s show, starting with the best hits of the swinging sixties through to the 1940’s in true ‘knees up’ fashion.

We can also provide a 45-minute show of any specified era, this is perfect for any themed events;
Oh! So Vintage: WW2 theme. Swing, jazz, bebop and old fashioned sing-a-longs
Jump, Jive ‘n’ Wail: Classic rock ‘n’ roll and pop of the ‘50s & ‘60s
Something For The Soul: Flower power, mod, motown, soul and disco
Retro Electro: Glam, rock, new wave, pop & dance hits from the late ‘70s & ‘80s
The Modern Jukebox: Chart toppers from the ‘90s to current day


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