If you are looking for jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, belly-aching and side-splitting entertainment then look no further. Graffiti Classics provides an exciting and unique alternative to the String Quartet, offering an all-singing, all-dancing, comedy cabaret act.

They have moved the classical string quartet into the 21st Century. The combination of classical, jazz, opera and folk and acoustic music together with energetic, choreographed moves and humorous interactions with the audience provides a stun-ning show that no one will forget. Every item in the programme reveals a unique talent displayed in amazing individual and group performances with an exciting choreographed presentation.


more about Graffiti Classics

Graffiti Classics was founded in 1997 by Cathal O'Duill. Whilst street-performing in Covent Garden (London) he realised that classical music could be made fun for any audience through interaction and comedy. The company has developed a unique antidote to the preconceptions of classical music as stuffy and elitist and succeeds in bringing it to anyone and everyone whatever their age.

Graffiti Classics have a large international following and in 2011 performed in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tunisia, Sweden, Holland, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Graffiti Classics perform for a huge range of events, their varied work taking them from festivals, cruise-ships and concert halls to prisons, hospitals and schools; from weddings and parties to theatres and corporate events.


show details

2 x 45 minute shows

16 strings, 8 dancing feet and 4 voices with 1 aim: to make classical music

Wickedly funny and fantastically exhilarating. Graffiti Classics bursts the elitist boundarieso

The traditional String Quartet with its hilarious all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy cabaret show


Closing out the first evening’s show was a delightful comedy string quartet, who go by the name of Graffiti Classics. This two male/two female act gave us nautical ditties and light classics with a fun approach. These performers probably have more than enough to fill their own cabaret set in cruise ship theatres, given their strong visual comedy image. Highbrow music finds some kind of frankly odd fusion with visual comedy for those who choose to smile their way around classical music.

Mark Ritchie, The Stage 


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