Think of your favorite songs, ones that trigger fond memories of your first crush, socializing with friends or grabbing a beer with colleagues at a neighborhood tavern. 

Is one of those tunes Your Song by Elton John ?

Or maybe what comes to mind is the sweeping ballad Power of Love by Celine Dion, or You Don't Bring Me Flowers by Barbra Streisand. 

If songs by iconic artists like these are part of your own personal soundtrack, then you are in for a treat. Beacuse the music and likeness of all these entertainers - and more - are coming to the Crystal Cruises stage. 

Two World-Class Acts

Vice President of Entertainment Bret Bullock is thrilled about Crystal's two new tribute shows, one built around Elton John, and the other built around the great women of song. Appropriately, the productions are titled Rocket Man: A Tribute to Elton John and Diva !

Says Bullock, "We like to continuously evolve our entertainment product by asking ourselves 'What's the next level; how can we create an entertainment experience that is even better than the last?"

This time, the answer was to bring on board two world-class entertainers: Jonathan Kane and Karen Grainger.

Jonathan Kane

"Jonathan Kane is a phenomenal Elton John impersonator," raves Bullcok. "In fact, he's so much more than an impersonator' - he is an Elton John tribute act that brings this amazing entertainer to life."

Bullock explains, "There are very few people who haven't been touched by the music of Elton John. He speaks to people of all ages and to every generation."

An entirely new production has been developed around Kane and his Elton John tribute - an original set; new special effects; a state-of-the-art LED wall; and of course, the talents of the Crystal Ensemble of Singers and Dancers.  

"We've gone full-tech and full-cast on this production. We are so eager to see our guests' reaction to what promises to be a very exciting show!" says Bullock. 


Bullock is willing to bet that Karen Grainger - who is featured in Crystal's new Diva ! production - will knock your socks off.

"Karen Grainger is remarkable. She does every imaginable female singer, from Cher to Celine Dion to Barbra Streisand to Reba McEntire to Shania Twain. She becomes that entertainer and will knock you over. You won't believe what you're hearing or seeing... it is Cher! It is Dolly!" 

If you think that witnessing Grainger perform one diva is a feat, imagine seeing her perform one act featuring two singers... at once. For Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald's signature duet, On My Own, for instance, Grainger becomes both singers, performing each part as the song unfolds.

If her dead-on impressions aren't enough to astound the audience, her virtuosity will certainly do the trick. Bullock relates how Grainger suprised even herself. " We asked if she could perform as Adele. After all, Adele is probably the biggest name in pop music right now. Karen said, ' I don't know... let me get back to you!' She responded a day later and said, I can do a great Adele! Let's put her in the show!' "   

Adds Bullcok, "Karen is the best out there. On ship, at sea...anywhere!"  


Be dazzled, moved and completley entertained by one or both of Crystal's new tribute productions, playing soon in the Galaxy Lounge on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. Rocket Man: A Tribute to Elton John debuts May 22, 2012 on Crystal Serenity. Diva! premieres aboard Crystal Symphony July 31, 2012.       


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